2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue turn signal occaisionally not working



Roughly 10% of the time, my turn signals are not working. The switch works fine mechanically, but I do not hear the flasher clicking, and the lights do not come on. Sometimes the signal will “wake up” if it is left on for a while, or if I briefly turn on the hazards. So far, the hazard lights work fine.

Does anyone know if this car has separate flasher units for the turn & hazard lights, or is it shared?

Is this problem more likely to be in the flasher (cheap) or in the steering column turn signal switch (expensive), or elsewhere?

I did find a post on another web describing a similar problem, and the suggested solution was to replace the computer! I’m not sure how the computer would be involved in the turn signal system, but that post can be found at:



First, does this tend to happen when you have the headlights or parking lights on?


This can happen any time, whether the headlights are on, soon after starting or after running a while, wet or dry, hot or cold weather.


DON’T REPLACE THE COMPUTER. I would try the flasher first. shouldn’t be very expensive.