2000 Nissan Frontier Steering column cover removal

I just wanted to share my frustration and boneheadedness. My combination switch broke (turn signal, headlights) and I bought the new part to fix it. After looking online for someone that has posted this one, all I found was a tutorial from someone with a Maxima. Ok, I thought, the column looks similar and so does the part. The video showed him taking out 4 screws that held the cover on and figuring that my frontier should be easier to work on than a Maxima coupled with the fact that every picture I could find for the steering column cover showed 4 screws I was perplexed when the cover came loose but would not separate. Lying on my back looking up at the column at dark holes and black screws I just could not see what the problem was. Finally, I just broke the thing. That little fit is going to cost me about $100 so I thought the I would pass along what I learned:


Yes, that’s right the pictures are wrong and there are 6 screws. Two hold the cover to the column, 4 hold the cover together.

Now, it’s possible that most 2000 Frontiers only use 4 because my Frontier is very early 2000, it was built in August of 1999. When I replaced the right cowl cover (because I went to a $1 install stereo place), it did not match the left cover. I believe that it was because some parts were left over from '99 and used on the early 2000s. It could be the same thing here.

btw, the combo switch took less than 2 minutes to replace.

Gorilla tape…$8/roll…


You’re not the first person to discover that factory parts drawings left out screws that hung you up. And you’re not the first to lose patience. Just remember they made it so they could slap it together quick and cheap, and if someone figures out a way to eliminate 2 screws, they will.