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Steering wheel shaking, only when braking 05 Altima

Hello! This has been an ongoing issue and after several repairs, no progress has been made.

When braking, the steering wheel shakes and there are loud rumbling and grating noises.

The rotor and brakes were bad, only on the rear passenger side. After replacing the the brakes and the rotor, the problems went away for a couple days. However the noises and shaking started again. The new brakes were worn through and the rotor had some damage (only on this same side).

After this, we put on new brakes and a new caliper. The problem did not go away. These brakes are also getting worn through, the steering wheel still shakes, and there is a rumbling noise.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue?

faulty brake line is one possibility. A flap of rubber could block the line and not allow the pressure to be released when the brakes are released.

And you need a better mechanic, this is pretty basic.

Step on the brake pedal several times and then try rotating that tire by hand.

If the tire is difficult to rotate or doesn’t rotate, that caliper is still holding the brake pads to the rotor.

Since the caliper has been replaced, the problem might be that the brake hose going to that caliper has collapsed internally, and isn’t allowing the hydraulic pressure to be released when the brake pedal is released.


The steering wheel shake symptom makes me think of a front rotor problem. Perhaps one or both is warped. Ask your shop to measure the front rotor’s run-out and that they both meet the minimum thickness allowed dimension spec.

I would say your best bet is to change rotors my car does the same thing and it’s because the rotors are warped

Steering wheel shake when braking is usually a tell tail sign front rotors are warped. The brake pedal will pulsate when it’s the rear rotors. If the pulsation/shaking is only when braking then it’s and issue of something have to much runout so when the pads clamp the rotor they give you the shake. Now I have seen ppl forget to clean the hub before mounting the new rotor so this causes the rotor to not sit correctly and cause a pulsation. Also with BMW X5 they cause a steering wheel shake when turning on the highway an slightly applying the brakes and this is actually a result of the rear front control arm bushing being warn. If I were you I would remove the front brakes if the caliper pistons are able to be pushed in then u no the caliper is fine as well as the brake hose-aka the rubber line from the caliper to the hard line. The caliper bracket has two pins that must be cleaned and greased every brake job with high temp grease . I have seen them seize many times causing pads to wear in even and too fast. Also check the front end for play and wheel bearing