2000 Mercury Villager

My 2000 Mercury Villager won’t start the motor turns over,it just won’t start. I ran the battery dead trying to start it. Can anyone help please !!!

“2000 Mercury Villager
My van won’t start the motor turns over it just won’t start.
I ran the battery dead trying to start it.”

Bummer. Great description of the vehicle and problem.
Are we just trying to get it running to go get checked/repaired or are you going to try DIY repairs ?

Do you have a battery charger and is it charging ?
Do you have a vehicle and cables (and know how to properly use them) for a jump start ?
Any starting fluid on hand ?
Fire extinguisher or running shoes ?
Comprehensive insurance ?

I don’t have a battery charger but we are going to try and jump it off. Do not have starting fluid. Do have running shoes. My husband is going to DIY i’m just trying to get a jump on what might be wrong for him to check. Thank you.

Always Wear Eye Protection When Working On Or Near Batteries !
I Don’t Know Your Level Of Expertise, But Be Sure The Jump Is Done Properly Or Serious Damage To One Or Both Vehicles Can Result.

Chance are if it didn’t start before with a working battery and the battery ran down, that jump starting it will have the same result, but you could give it a short try, I suppose.

Before the battery ran down did it have the power to crank the engine at normal speed and for a goodly amount of time ?

If it won’t start fairly easily then I wouldn’t keep trying without doing something different.
Try pressing and holding the accelerator down (until starting of course).

A can of starting fluid purchased for a few bucks can help you start it or determine if the vehicle is getting gas. If it tries to run using the fluid and not without it then it’s probably a fuel problem. The stuff is explosive. Don’t over do it with the spray.

Once it’s running see if the “check engine” light is on and if so head to an auto parts store where they can read trouble codes for free. Post them here exactly as given . . . PO471, etcetera.


Yes it would crank at full power. The day before i had to go to the Doctor about 55 miles both ways the check engine light came on but it ran ok. The next day when he started the van i heard a faint sound like a knock 4 times then the van started so we drove it to food mart when we came out it wouldn’t start. The battery had full power then, and while trying to start, it went into a fast turn over but never did start. We have the device to check the codes . My husband doesn’t get off work till 1am but tomorrow i will get him to get the starter fluid and if we get it started i will get those codes and hope and pray you are on here. Thank you so much for your help, I will talk with you tomorrow. Have a great evening.

How Many Miles On This Van ?
Has The Timing Belt Every Been Replaced ?

"The next day when he started the van i heard a faint sound like a knock 4 times . . . "

" . . . and while trying to start, it went into a fast turn over but never did start."
This scares me. Did it start turning faster/easier than normal ? If a timing belt is allowed to break (preventive maintenance) because it’s not replaced in a timely manner the engine will lose compression and not start, but crank faster because of the lack of necessary compression.

The big problem is that internal engine damage can result. We hope that’s not the case, but I’d check the timing belt. It’s a belt that is not ordinarily visible without removing some paieces, first.


If the engine cranked unusually fast, your timing belt probably failed. Unfortunately, this is an interference engine, which means severe engine damage is likely in the event of a timing belt failure. You may get lucky, though. The last Villager I worked on broke its timing belt and, by some miracle, no damage was done. Once the broken timing belt is verified, the valve covers will need to come off to check for excessive valve clearance. If there is excessive valve clearance, you have severe engine damage and the repair bill will be in the thousands.

I’m also wondering about the timing belt. When was it supposed to be replaced? Did you replace it then?