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Villager-02 Wont turn over

Hi, I have a Villager that sometimes it turns over and starts, after driving I and shut it off it won’t turn over.New battery, Relays ok,terminals good and I have 12 volts @ solenoid. Please Help.

So if it won’t “turn over” what does it do? Avoid the words “turn over” and “crank” when you re-describe because these mean different things to different people.

If you’re saying that you turn the key and get nothing, move the gear selector to neutral and try again. If you’re saying it only clicks or grinds or something then first put an actual meter on the battery & measure its voltage. “New battery” means little. If you have at least 12.4V or so then I’d worry about the cables - both ends (starter & battery) and have a look under the insulation. From there you might want to pull the starter & have it checked. Many auto parts stores will bench test them for free.

If the Villager has the original starter the starter may be heat soaking.

When starters get old they can be effected by the heat from the engine. So the starter will work when the engine is cold, but as the hot engine is turned off the starter absorbs the heat. This then causes a higher resistance in the windings of the starter where it doesn’t function. If you let the engine/starter cool down the starter works again.


Thanks for the Info. Today I hooked a jumper ground from body to soleniod and it worked. I then removed the ground cable from solenoid , wired brushed + cleaned and put back together. Works fine for now.

Good Info. I think its my ground cable on the soleniod.
Thanks much.