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2000 mercury transmission problem

I have a 2000 mercury cougar 2.5 liter. I bought the car without doing much research. now that i have the car did research and found out all the great problems that this car has. My transmission started to make a clunk clunk noise inside and it started to slip. At first it would go on all gears. then very rapidly started to slip in all gears. In matter of hours went from being good to being crap. i had to accelerate the car to 3000rpm or higher to make the car start moving. So i bought a transmission from a junkyard. I install it and did not work. The car did not move on any direction. I pull it out and look at it and found the small shaft that goes from the torque converter to the gear body was broken. I end up getting another transmission from the junkyard. I check it and everything looked good. I install it and got everything back together and that work on reverse but no forward. To get it on reverse I had to accelerate the car to 3000rpm. I being told that if I change the solenoid inside the transmission might fix the problem. I want to know if anybody else had the same problem and how they fix it. Do you guys think it could be the transmission module that is burned out. Any help will be very appreciated.

@javi Not to be rude, but you need to take that car to an independent shop that repairs transmissions and understands Fords and Mercurys. Don’t go to AAMCO or the like!

You must be getting tired of dropping the trans by now!

Post any fault codes you have, please.

Let someone else have a go at it already!