2000 Mercedez Benz C230 - Codes

I’ve got a 2000 MB C230 and just recently changed all 4 brakes myself. After that, the dash reads a code of 200 along with a picture of 2 wrenches. The car runs smoothly & I’ve also taken the car to AutoZone to see what the code means but they could’nt help. Does anyone out there know what this code means or how I can turn it off? Thanks

I don’t know, but I would try these guys. Search the forum and/or ask, someone will know:


P0200 Injector Circuit Malfunction

This is not a code. What it means is that you have 200 miles left until your “B-Service”.

One wrench is an “A-Service”. You can view this information anytime with the car running by pressing the “0” button twice within one second.

If you see a minus two hundred or “-200” that means that you are 200 miles overdue for the service and you should hear a beep also.

This should all be in the owners manual. Make an appointment now for service…


Thanks guys for assistance - I’ll let you know what the out comes is.