2000 MB E320 wagon shakes rattle and roll

Over the last 2 to 3 weeks I have been noticing a bit of a shake at 55mph and higher. If I slow down, it becomes less and less noticeable. Well, last night, that little shimmy got serious. My check engine light came on (solid, not blinking) and it was shaking so hard, I pulled off the roadway. When I put it in N and then into P, it continued to shake violently. so, I of course turned off the engine. I waited a few minutes, restarted the car and the CEL remains lit, but the shaking is completely gone. I have 164k miles. since I purchased it, various electrical options have gone funky, lights mysteroiusly going out, rear defog and wiper gone, blinkers, central locking , mirrors won’t adjust, etc. I changed every fuse in the car one by one until all elements were functioning again. The central locking, fob locking and rear defog and wiper never returned. I have already replaced the battery, Crank Position Sensor and alternator. The harmonic balancer is tight. From my research on the MB forums, I am looking at 1) Camshaft position sensor? 2) new plugs? or the 3) MAT connection? Thoughts? Are the problems connected or do I have a doosey?

Please don’t guess as to the cause of the check engine light

Get those codes read and post them

Then we’ll further advise you

Ok, so the ever loving car is blowing no codes and the mechanic says, “she purrs like a kitten.” he says an MAF wouldn’t blow a code, so took it off, blew it out a bit, changed the air filter…low and behold-CEL goes out. Any idea if an MAF would have done that? I am replacing it to be on the safe side since it did affect the CEL.

I believe your mechanic is making some fundamental mistakes

“he says an MAF wouldn’t blow a code” . . . not necessarily true

“car is blowing no codes”

“…low and behold-CEL goes out.”

If the check engine light is on, there are codes

Perhaps your car was throwing a manufacturer-specific code, and your mechanic wasn’t able to retrieve it, because he was using a cheapo scanner

I think if the check engine light comes back on, it may be time to shop for a new mechanic

I agree with db4690.
If the cel was on there would be a code…period.
and you say that the cel went off when he replaced the air filter???

You said that the cel was lit. What code did it have???