2000 Mazda MPV - Tune up?

I need to check the engine light, change spark, etc.

How much is a complete tune up

Your post is not clear.
Is your CEL light on?
If so, you can have the codes read for free at many auto parts store like Autozone for free.
Then post the code numbers back here, format is P0123. Then we can offer possible solutions.
Alternatively locate a reputable independent mechanic, do not go to a chain store like Midas or Pepboys, ask friends, check Yelp reviews, etc. Have the shop make the diagnosis, some shops will wave the diagnosis fee if they perform the work.
A complete tune up is more or less an obsolete term. Modern cars often just need spark plugs at intervals specified in the owners manual, other parts can and do fail but that requires a diagnosis.
As to spark plugs use only the brand(s) and size specified in your owners manual.
If your Mazda dealer is trustworthy you could take it there, might cost a little more.
Costs vary by location.


a CEL light can be as simple as a loose or faulty gas cap or something major.

There has been no such thing as a tune up in years. A tune up used to consist or replacing spark plugs, distributor points and condenser and checking the rotor cap and spark plug wire condition. Setting the dwell and timing and adjusting the carb.

Of all those things, the only thing that can be done is replace the spark plugs at 100,000 or 120,000 miles.

If your check engine light us on, the trouble code will let you know what system is having a problem and then you follow a diagnostic tree to find out what has to be replaced. Or for the lazy or incompetent, you replace the main component of that system and hope that was the cause.

Perhaps a grand.

You have provided no info at all and it sounds like you are assuming this “tune up” is going to fix a CEL problem. It may or may not.

Call it what you want (tune up or maintenance service) but the first step is to pull the plugs and run a compression check. It’s best to verify the engine top end is in good mechanical condition before plowing ahead with parts and additional services.

The car is 20+ years old with an unspecified number of miles so none of us know what shape that engine is in.
As for cost, that varies a lot by locale. The west and east coasts are quite likely double what the same job would cost here in OK.

Why is it missing? Is it on?

A tune-up consists of changing spark plugs and the air filter on a modern vehicle and not much more. If you have a check engine light there could be a LOT more wrong on a 21 year old vehicle.

NO ONE over the internet can estimate what those repairs will cost not knowing; what those trouble codes are, the condition of your car, or where you live.

Get the codes read for free at an auto parts store post the actual codes PXXXX, and we’ll give some direction, or just take it into your local independent auto repair shop for a diagnosis.


The OP should give us a much better explanation, including:

>How many miles are on the odometer
>What types of maintenance have been done over the past 10 years
>Whether the CEL is steadily-lit up, or whether it is flashing/blinking