2000 Malibu Stereo No AM reception

Hello, I have a 2000 Chevy Malibu. I have weak FM reception and NO am reception on my stereo. I’ve noticed there was a TSB for the 1999 Malibu on this. Anyone heard of this on a 2000?

There is a antenna connection next to where the passengers right foot sits. Remove the interior trim piece and reconnect the antenna.

What did the 1999 TSB say?

Wow, I can’t believe it! The antenna connection coming from the stereo wasn’t even close to the one coming from the rear antenna. After connecting I have crystal clear sound!!

The TSB for the 1999 was explaining this, that the antenna was coming unconnected, solved the problem by wrapping with electrical tape after connecting.

Glad to hear you solved the problem. Thanks for the feedback.

Many people use the phrase “I have fixed hundreds of these” well I have not fixed hundreds but I am sure the number is 50.

The first one(1997) was a car we were delivering, the customer turned on the radio,no AM. They came and got me and I start looking (this is before any personal experience with the problem and before any TSB) I got so nervous I jammed my knuckle into the dash frame and got ten stiches in my hand. After that it was .5 labor for a 3 min job. Do I get any stars? I did direct you to the fix.

The antenna wire was pulling out. I think it will do it. Will post back if it does not. I lived with this for almost two years!.


The wire was not pulled out all the way. Just the center appeared not be be connected.

That is enough,still no stars?

You have stars now.