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Replacing a Lincoln Town Car

A Lincoln Town Car is a great old man’s car and as I am an old man I am happy with my latest, a 2006 with 120k miles, and no problems. But they don’t make them any more and other makers, like Caddy. also seem to have exited the old man market. What should I do when my current Town Car finally meets its end?

The Caddy XTS isn’t overly sporty, worth a look. Also the Lexus ES350.

And see what Chrysler offers. Others here have said the “300” is a good choice for a big car. And while it might not be exactly what you are looking for, be sure to take a look at the Toyota Avalon before making a final decision. Buick used to make some good cars in that category, but unsure of the product line these days. Mercedes is another line to consider.

How much are you willing to spend? Do you want a new car or used car?

Buick Lacrosse, Lincoln MKT (although kind of a cross over) is an
interesting vehicle. I actually like its lines.

Buy a newer Town and put it away for now…A Grand Marquis is the same basic car but it’s 5" shorter…There is, really, no comparable car. Yeah, around town they are a little cumbersome but out on the road they are unequaled…

Just my 2 cents but if you like the Lincoln and it has no problems then why even consider getting rid of it. A 120k miles is pocket change in my opinion and maintained well I see no reason why you can’t get 300k miles out of it.

That’s a lot of time to consider the next ride. I love Lincolns but the styling on the newer ones just leaves me cold; nauseous, actually. :slight_smile:
Down the road at some point I would not be surprised to see Lincoln go the way of Mercury and the Do-Do bird.

I would suggest the Toyota Avalon.
It has as much interior room as the older cars that the OP is used to, but it has reliability that is far better than any of those older cars. In my neck of the woods, a large percentage of the older folks in the various “Active Adult” communities drive Toyota Avalons.

Avalon or the equivalent Lexus ES-350. We looked at both…and for some reason we got a better deal with the Lexus. The Toyota dealer didn’t want to deal that much.

My wife’s ‘foster mother’ lived to be almost 96. On her 95th birthday, she drove visitors to her birthday party.

She had a posh early 90’s Buick which she kept meticulously maintained. With 15,000 miles a year I suggest if you have a trusted mechanic you can keep that 2006 Lincoln running a very long time. If you want to.

I forgot to mention. She died a year or so ago, to put the age of that early 90’s Buick in perspective.

A Toyota Venza with the 3.5L six. It has copious passenger room for 5 along with a huge “trunk”, just like the Town car. It is an excellent long haul cruiser. All though it looks quite a bit different , it performs a similar function. You will find comparable wagon type CUVs from other manufacturers too, and all should fit roll you are looking for. They will all be more economical and handle well with AWD with the added advantage of better winter handling if you face snow.

I also think the Avalon would be a good choice. Toyota seems to have drained it with older drivers in mind. The Hyundai Azera and Kia Cadenza are direct competitors of the Avalon. Hyundai and Kia have a surprising number of luxury cars at attractive prices. Above the Azera is the Genesis sedan, just redesigned and looking less anonymous. From Kia, the Cadenza is equivalent to the Azera, but with more traditional lines. The XG900 is Kia’s Genesis.

Hyundai even sells one very fancy car, the Equus. It’s mainly a limo for Korean executives and top government officials. They removed a few of the pricier options last year, like the fridge in the back. I believe it runs around $70,000, not cheap except in comparison to the big German cars with similar equipment.

I had a Town Car, and also an Avalon, and think the Avalon is the best choice, so long as you stick to 2012 and before. The more recent ones have the silly thin tires and a somewhat bumpy ride. Earlier, it’s great.

Full size luxury sedans are increasingly difficult lt to find. The only GM full size cars are the XTS and Impala. The top end trim levels on cars like the Avalon or Impala will rival the base trim levels in luxury cars. The full size Lexus, the LS460, is a great car, but the MSRP is over $70,000. I suppose that $70,000 is not a heck of a lot more than the $50,000 or more the Town car cost in 2010 (last year). If you give us a price range, we will have an easier time recommending something for you to evaluate.

Thanks for the replies…still driving the Towncar, 170, 000 miles, still happy with it. Other than recent seat belt retractor adventures no problems. Hoping for another 100k miles. I have become an even older man driving the old man’s car.

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Glad you followed ok4450’s advice. His advice is always on target.

I vote to replace it with a used Chevy SS. Ok, they’re discontinued and I didn’t know they existed until I saw a video review of one. But I thought, hey, if I need a 4 door sedan - I’d like that 6.2 liter V8. Probably not as plush riding or roomy as a town car. But 415 horsepower / 415 tq, and 4 doors.

An Avalon is probably a much more practical choice. But…6.2 V8…