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2000 Lincoln LS overheating

My Lincoln had overheating problems it is due to the plastic thermostat housing has failed it is flaking apart like bad card board this is a defective factory part Ford should be made to replace all the plastic cooling system in the engine with metal parts this would in effect solve the problem with overheating on all models I am a ASE Certified Master technician I have made this observation on my mustang Ford trucks and this and other Lincoln’s of many different years from 1997 up

You made me look. Yep, some sort of plastic, no deterioration noted.
I suspect many manufacturers are using plastics in cooling system components.

Yup, BMW’s use lots of plastic, my GM SUV, my Audi and, of course my Ford all use plastic parts.

Considering this is an 18 year old car, what’s the problem? An aluminum t-stat housing may be just as destroyed in this situation if the coolant wasn’t maintained.

And yet you continue to buy Ford Products. I have seen insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

To be perfectly clear, I have no problem with Ford products , but the OP clearly does. Why not consider your options.

I’m just glad the water pump in my Focus is metal…still going strong at 180k (and it’s a pain in the rear to get to…). Gotta love the push to reduce weight for MPG converting a lot of metal parts to plastic… @Mustangman don’t a lot of BMW owners change their water pumps fairly early from the OEM plastic ones to the racing level metal ones?


Yes, they do! Even going plastic to plastic if they own a model that doesn’t have a metal pump available. Engines can overheat and do serious damage pretty quickly if that stuff fails.

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Note that the housing visually looked fine but upon removal of the thermostat the housing crumbled apart like rotten paper as well as the plastic crossover pipe it’s a really poor design also the wrong type of antifreeze can effect the plastic don’t use green coolant in these engines use the gold I am 160 dollars out of pocket due to defective plastic parts my Lincoln only has 67000 miles on it it’s a shame t o have to replace parts should not be having problems with

We buy Ford because chevy or dodge can not provide the fuel economy or performance you get from a Ford point in fact my F150 gets 30 MPG highway and the counterparts can’t even get close to that in a compareable vehicle