2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport

Recently, we’ve noticed water on the floor,

both driver and passenger. Tthe drain plugs are fine. A Jeep enthusiast suggested the drains beneath the window may be plugged. To access them, I must remove the wipers. How do I accomplish this without destroying them?

Thanks, Brent

I don’t THINK you need to remove the wipers (never done this on a TJ…only A YJ, but I think the leaking is the same deal).

IIRC, just remove the “grille” air intake on the hood just below the windshield. Clean it out, as well as the drain that empties it; also, there should be a drain cowl coming out of the firewall that empties just above the starter. Remove this tube and clean it out with the hose. You’ll probably end up with a bunch of leaves and crud shooting out of it.

Of course, if it’s like my jeep, it will continue to leak even if you wrap it up in saran wrap and dunk it in a pool of silicone…you get used to it.