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Damp floorboards?

ok ,so 2012 Jeep Wrangler gets noticeably damp drivers side floorboard after 30 to 45 minutes of driving regardless of the weather. I am beginning to think it is an issue with condensation coming from heat generated from the engine and misc pipes running down underneath. Anyone else have this problem???


is the AC on when this happens?

It is possible that a 2012 could still be under warranty.

As Wes W pointed out, it may be condensation from your air conditioner not draining from the . condenser properly. There should be a hose to drain the water to the underside of your Jeep. If that hose is plugged, or has become disconnected from the drain pan area, you get water on the floor. It’s usually a very easy fix. As tall as your jeep is, you should be able to crawl under it and see the hose hanging down. Just run a piece of wire up through it to clean out the mud and muck.

If you don’t have A/C, I’m sorry I wasted your time.

It’s not condensation associated with heat from the engine. It might be condensation associated with running the AC though. Ask your mechanic to make sure the AC drain plugs are clear, as mentioned above. That water is supposed to drip on the ground, not under the carpet.

A leaking heater core is another possibility.

Or somebody spilled a big gulp.

Thanks! I rarely use the A/C but cannot totally rule that out but will use the warranty to have them figure it out. Appreciate all the input!

If not from the AC or rain , then must be the only other water, leaking heater core or hose.