2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Stalled

Jeep stalled and d speed Neel go to a 100

Any possibility you could rewrite your post to make sense?
The operative word in the title of this category is “ASK”.

So state you problem with ALL pertinent facts and information, then ask a question.


I’m going to assume “speed Neel” means “speedometer needle.” It’s very odd for the speedometer to register higher as the vehicle goes slower, which I assume is what “stalled” implies. If you do mean the speedometer it’s possible the body control module is bad, which could cause both problems. If you mean the tachometer, which measures engine RPMs rather than vehicle speed, your transmission may have failed. More information would be a huge help.

Dave, why guess ? If the person can’t ask a simple question that can be answered then until they do it is a waste of time speculating.

As we’ve noted before, some posters don’t speak “mechanic” and others aren’t native English speakers. The word “stalled” is only mildly ambiguous and the phrase “speed Neel” seems reasonably apparent. Trying to answer harms me not one whit. My time is mine. If I’m wrong it won’t be the first time.

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