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2000 isuzu trooper front turn signal bulb replacement

how do i get to the front turn signal bulb in a 2000 isuzu trooper???

You get to the bulb from behind the lens assembly. It is common to have to remove such things as batteries, intake ducts and vanity covers. Even after getting things out of the way head lights and turn signals are often a pain, literally, to get at.

It looks like you need to remove the bulb wire from the engine compartment. There are two wires leading to the two lamps. Either would require you to get a thumb and index finger onto the lamp and twist it in whatever direction it will turn. By lamp I mean the small cylinder into which the bulb sits.
You may need to remove something else to get a hand in there, but I doubt it. Normally, these parts are very easy to replace and require no or few tools, generally at most a screwdriver. In your case it looks like you need two fingers and little determination.

If you can’t get at it, then at least be aware that this is going to be a very low cost repair at any reputable shop or dealership.
I included a link that should show you the diagram for your assembly, but it doesn’t go to where I copied the link. You will have to search the site for your part’s diagram.

i know! so my question is very specific to the isuzu 2000 trooper - do i take out the front headlamp to get to the bulb?

figured it out - one screw at the top of the lense and pry the whole assembly out - simple.