Fuel Pump $400 job?

I purchased a 94 OLDS Ciera about 6 weeks ago. It has been back an forth between my mechanic and the dealer maybe 8 times in the 6 weeks for “stalling” issues. I have had fuel injectors blown out, cranck sensors replaced, transmissin replaced, spark plugs … you name it we probably have done it. Now I’m getting a call from the “dealer” telling me that my fuel pump needs to be replaced, and that I am only getting 1/2 of the 30 lbs of pressure that I should be getting. Before I put anymore money out, I wanted to seek some advice here, to see if they could be guesing yet again, and could it be something else that everybody else has missed? I hate to put another $400 into this car, if next week I would have to dump more money in to pay for their 10th guess???..Please help?

$400 is probably about right for a fuel pump replacement, but I think you are rightly concerned that they are just guessing if that whole litany of repairs was their attempt to fix the stalling.

Why are you using a dealer for a 14-year-old car?

Sorry, I use “dealer” rather than the “mom and pop used car lot”.
It’s amazing that they can’t pin point the probem?

still don’t get it. Do you take your car to a franchise dealer to have it fixed, or to the mom and pop used car lot? I would be amazed if the used car lot employs anyone with even a basic automotive skills class in their training folder. Sure sounds like someone dropped the ball when researching which car to buy.

I wouldn’t touch a used car lot for repairs if you paid me.

Yes, it is amazing they can’t pinpoint the problem because you own a simple car and any technician of quality should be able to properly diagnose this car and fix the problem without guessing. However, expect lots of things to need replacement or be on their way out on a 14 year old car. On the plus side you’ll probably be good for a while after repalcing about half the stuff under the hood :wink:

The price is about right and as far as replacing all of those parts it sounds like someone was throwing mud against the wall and hoping that some of it would stick.

The stalling complaint is usually (not always) the sign of a failing fuel pump and if the filter has never been changed then that could be the root cause of the pump failure. They should have checked fuel pressure first thing.

If there is no misinterpretation of the wording involved and if you were charged good money for “blowing out the injectors” you were had. Big time.

Has the fuel filter been replaced? A clogged filter could be the problem.

Is there a fuel pressure regulator on this car? If so, maybe it’s the problem and not the pump.

If, on the other hand, the pump is bad the only cure is a new one.

You must really love this '94 Ciera.

Check the pressure regulator first! They can check it by dead-heading the pump to see if the pressure rises appropriately. Even if it fails to produce pressure when dead-headed, they should check to make sure the electrical supply to the pump is OK before replacement. A corroded connector or faulty fuel pump relay could limit fuel pump current and therefore output pressure.

He means using an independent mechanic instead of the dealer’s service department. An independent will charge significantly less than the dealer and provide service that’s just as good if not better than the dealer, especially on a car this old which most of the techs at the dealership probably haven’t seen in a long time.