2000 Hyundai Elantra - replace original struts

140K on the car, no ABS. I can get four used struts for $50 ea, and can have labor for cheap. Struts have 47K. Planning to keep car at least another year. Pretty sure the newer struts will ride a lot better. Is it worth the $200? Opinions welcome.

While it’s a good idea to replace your struts, you can get new ones (KYB GR-2, at least as good as original equipement) from TireRack.com for $255, including shipping. They may be available for less elsewhere, but I’ve used Tire Rack for many years. Just make sure you get the right ones, it looks like there was a change mid-year. Call them if you have any questions. Also check out your neighborhood parts stores, they might be close. I’d much rather spend the extra $55 for new ones!

I’ll check that out. Thanks.