2000 Honda Passport that won't start on Humid days

My passport would occasionally take a minute to start on days when it was about to rain or had just stopped raining…2 days ago it didn’t start all day. I brought home some dry gas, tried to start it one more time…nothing put the dry gas in and it starts. It ran fine all day yesterday then this morning it won’t start again. So do I get more dry gas or is that not the issue…? It turns over fine it sounds like it’s not firing. I don’t really want to take it to a garage if avoidable. Help Please


It almost certainly has nothing to do with gas - don’t waste your money on the dry gas.

Damp starting problems are pretty much always from a problem with ignition components - bad cap/rotors; coils, plug wires etc. I don’t know the ignition system on the Passport so I can’t tell you what to deal with specifically, but you do need to be looking at your ignition system.

If you want to diagnose it yourself spend $20 on a repair manual for the car (found at auto parts stores) and that will get you rolling. One simple way to look for moisture related problems is to run the car in dry weather and use a spray bottle to mist various ignition components. Sometimes you can pinpoint problematic components that way.