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2000 Honda Odyssey creaky sound

We recently had new tires put on our 2000 Odyssey. Some short time (days or weeks) after, we started noticing a sound when turning. It sounds something like a creak or clunk. It usually occurs now not only when turning, but when moving from stopping to going and vice versa. It seems to me like whenever the whole car shifts (not shifting gears) from motion forward to backward or right to left, it makes the noise. It seems to be located towards the middle of the vehicle, and not louder on one side or the other. We are looking to sell the van in the next month or so, and are wondering if this is something major thar needs to be taken care of, or something that just happens when there’s 125k plus miles. We did have the brake pads replaced as well.

Have you checked the lug nuts to be sure that all of the lug nuts are in place and are tight?
If you have not checked them yet, you really need to do so. Ideally, you would use a torque wrench to be sure that they are tight, but not overtightened.

If you can rule out the lug nuts as the source of the noise, then you should have your mechanic lube all of the suspension bushings on the vehicle. After 10 years/125k miles, it is likely that the bushings are dry. Dry bushings will make a creaking sound.

While he is under there, have the mechanic also check the condition of the motor mounts, as many of the Odysseys of that era had to have the mounts replaced, due to defective design.

It would also be a good idea for the mechanic to check the condition of the ball joints, the tie rods, and the anti-sway bar links. These components could be worn at this point, and could be the source of the noise as well as being a safety hazard.

You need to have your entire suspension system checked out. When new tires are installed they grip the road a lot better and weak components start making noise. A good mechanic will find the problem. Have them check the engine and transmission mounts as well.