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2000 Honda CRV oil pan drain plug leak

How do you fix a oil pan drain plug leak on a 2000 Honda CRV? Ive replaced the drain plug and crush rusher and torqued it to Honda specs of 33lbs/ft but it still leaks.

Try chasing the threads in the drain hole.
This oil pan uses a plug screwed into a deep horizontal hole tapped to a specific depth into which the drain plug goes. If the threads toward the end of the hole are damaged, they could be preventing the plug from seating fully.

NOTE: this is just a wild guess. Without performing some measurements, it’s impossible to tell from here.

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First I would examine the hole carefully. I would be looking to see if over-tightening the plug has raised the inside edge of the hole. If there is any raised edge or part, I would file it flat. I personally hate the metal crush washers and would prefer a neoprene or copper washer, but that’s just me.

Questions like this are why I hate letting someone else change my oil. ife is just simpler if I do it myself.

I happen to like the nylon washers, but it’s solely a matter of preference.

I absolutely agree. Hopefully I’ll continue to be able to do so myself right up until “the end”. :relaxed:

It’s hard to believe you can tighten it down fully with a good washer and it still leaks. Are you certain it’s not coming from higher up?

First off, don’t tighten it beyond the torque called for to try to stop it from leaking. That will only cause more problems you’ll then need to solve. Good advice above about cleaning things up best you can, and don’t forget to clean the surfaces where the crush washer seats, on both sides, the pan, and the bolt. I’ve never had leaks on my Corolla at that point, but I have on my truck. The surface of the pan got scratched there, and the normal method no longer worked. What I finally did – now I’m not necessarily recommending this mind you – is I carved my own quite thick washer from the soft rubber sole of a pair of discarded flip-flops. Now when finishing up an oil change job, I just plop the washer on, snug-up the bolt a little, just enough to put some visible displacement in the washer, done. No more leaks. Not proud to mention this, but I’ve used the same washer for 25 years!! :wink: I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.