Oil Pan Thread

I have a 2004 Honda Civic and have recently learned that my oil pan has been plugged up with a larger and larger plug ever time I get my oil changed since the threads on the pan have been destroyed and are just shaving everywhere. I have been reading about welding a smaller nut on the pan and just using a smaller plug to fix the problem rather than going all out and spending $500 on a new oil pan. Have you heard anything about this welding theory or should I just cough up the money to get a new oil pan put in?

There should be plenty of metal left so that a larger plug can be installed. Drill and tap it properly and use a magnetic plug to catch any shavings that got inside. I have welded a new piece of metal on before, but with the pan removed from the vehicle will give the best results, and TIG welded so it was better than new. Oil is flammable so probably cannot get it clean enough without removing from car anyway. Also oil residue will make welding very challenging. On a 20 year old car in a hurry and on a budget, I might try taking a short cut but not on a newer car. Good luck.

Here’s one good repair kit. There are other. Drain holes can be retapped and repaired with the pan still on in most cars.

If your pan is like my dauughter’s 2002 Civic you have an aluminum pan.


Oh, and find a new shop. There’s no excuse for constantly stripping out drain hole threads. In over 40 years I’ve never stripped a drain hole. Stripping holes is just plain poor workmanship.

Sounds like an iffy lube story

I agree.

I would add to the OP to take the car to a reputable independently owned and operated shop for the repairs, and not to allow Iffy Lube near the car.

I don’t know about fixing this, but once it is fixed, do yourself a favor and get one of these kits or something like it: http://www.amazon.com/Fram-SD2-SureDrain-Access-Change/dp/B000AMW0JW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1273016977&sr=8-1

It will make changing your oil a lot easier if you decide to do it yourself. In addition, if you keep the directions from the package, and show them to the people who change your oil, you should never have stripped threads again.

I agree with Mountainbike that kits like this shouldn’t be necessary, but I still think this kit is worth every penny.

I’ve never used one of these. The reviews on the page were interesting to read.

A professional Mechanic will be able to permanently repair your oil pan and allow normal oil changes. He has many workable options to choose from…

Yes they were.