2000 Honda CR-V Engine

Hi guys,
Ten days ago I had the “Camshaft Plug” and the “Oil Pressure Light Switch” replaced on my 2000 Honda CR-V 2.0L 1972CC L4 with 206,000 miles on it.
Today the car (engine) is bucking and a very small amount of smoke is coming out from the front fender side of the engine at the center (as you look from left to right) from what appears to be near the cover gasket.
When it started to buck only about a mile from my house I return immediately and shut it off. The temperature gauge never moved from the normal position and the car seem to buck more when it was going slower.
Any thoughts on what might be wrong?
Also could the replacement of the two engine parts I mentioned have anything to do with the current problem?
Thanks all.

In order to replace the cam plug the valve cover would have to be removed. A new valve cover gasket with spark plug tube seals should have been installed. The bucking might be caused by a poorly seated spark plug cable because they would have been removed to access the valve cover. Otherwise, you should have the shop recheck their work and see if something has been knocked loose or been broken.

If they somehow buggered up the job, the plugs might have been drowned with oil, causing misfiring AND smoke

The first thing you should do is check the engine oil level while making sure that it’s not dangerously low and go from there. That repair involves oil under pressure and it doesn’t take much of a leak to lose a lot of oil.