2000 Honda CR-V A/C problems - need help diagnosing

I’m hoping to get an idea what might be wrong with my Honda’s air conditioning before I take it to the shop. (I had a mechanic once try to sell me an expensive compressor for my '93 Civic when it just needed a minor adjustment.)

In August, 4 months after I bought the car used, I heard a “phsssh” sound coming from the vicinity of the glovebox, and since then my air conditioning hasn’t blown cold. The fan, heat, and defrost all work fine.

I’m hoping this is just a freon leak. If the compressor had blown, would there be other sypmtoms? I’d appreciate any info. I just moved, and don’t know any mechanics in this area.

You can be helped by this forum but you really need to have someone there that is a little familiar with the working of an auto AC. If you have a sight glass in the system you can look at when the AC is turned on and tell if there is freon in the pipes. There will be bubbles or foam initially, and probably when it is turned off. You need to see if the clutch is engaging on the compressor. Does the engine labor slightly when the compressor is engaged? It is possible you lost vacuum in a line that controlls a flap that directs air through the eveprator coils and that is the reason the air is not being cooled. Be aware a freon leak in a remote locaton can be as expensive as a compressor.

The evaporator or whatever they call the cooling coil (opposite of radiator)is there and it or a line blew out. You usually have to replace more than one part if the system has been down for a while.