2000 Honda Civic

Hello. My names Mike Perry. I hate to ask a question with my first post but I need some help. My daughters civic recently had to have the heater core replaced. The person that did it was a friend of hers. Since it was changed the wipers will not shut off. They are running like they are on intermitten. The only thing I have checked so far are the fuses. Any ideas how to fix would be appreciated.

There is a switch on the motor that is activated by the wiper linkage. This is the home switch and it is there so that after you turn off the wipers, the motor will continue to run until the wires return to the home position. I don’t know how or why this would be affected by changing the heater core but if the cowling was removed for some reason, the linkage may have gotten bent to the point that it is not activating the home switch.

The home switch may also be built into the motor, in which case this is purely coincidental.

Edit: my bad, the wiring harness in the steering column may have been disturbed while removing the heater core and the wires may have been damaged. This will be harder to find unless you have a good wiring diagram for the car.

Thanks for the help. I thought maybe they had shorted something out, Unfortunately no wiring diagram. Thanks again.

I hope this can help.