2000 Honda Civic Cpe - What tire pressure

I have a Honda civic 1.4s 2000 I would like to know what my tyre pressures should be I my tyres are size 195x50x15. Many thanks . Alan

That size tire isn’t listed in your owners manual, they list 195/55R-15
So those are the pressures I’d start with

Hi many thanks for the quick reply I will start with those pressures thanks again


Look on decal on the drivers door jamb.

This reflects Honda’s specs for proper tire pressure.



Thanks for that. I have looked there the tyre pressures are for 175x65x14 but I suppose that gives you a rough guide. Thanks again


I use recommended pressures at first and monitor tire wear over time.

First, the OP is not from the US (Spelling!!), and according to Tire Guides, that vehicle was not sold in the US (1.4L)

Further, that tire size (175/65R14) was the never on a Honda Civic sold in the US (according to Tire Guides.).

So we don’t know what the vehicle tire placard says for OE tire size and pressure.

According to Tire Guides, all 2000 Honda Civics (US versions) specified a P185/65R14 at 30/29 psi (front/rear) except for the Si Coupe which specified a 195/55R15 at 35/33.

The tire size quoted is SMALLER than what is specified on the vehicle tire placard. Smaller both in diameter AND load carrying capacity. That means the inflation pressure listed on the placard is NOT appropriate for the smaller size. Using that pressure MIGHT lead to a tire failure!

Doing the math: To carry the same load a P195/55R15 does at 35 psi, a P195/50R15 needs to be inflated to [[drumroll]] 41 psi! That means the P195/50R15 needs to be an XL (Extra Load)

And according to Tire Rack, the only 195/50R15 available in an XL is a Yokohama Advan A052 - an extreme performance summer tire. I’ll bet the OP doesn’t have an XL!!

And - NO!! - inflating an SL tire to 41 psi will NOT allow the tire to survive the additional load. The tire has to be built to withstand BOTH the pressure and the load.

So, my advice to the OP is to check his vehicle tire placard to see if the info I listed above is correct. If it is, I suggest the OP get the proper size tire. Otherwise there may be a tragedy in the future.



As Capri Racer stated, the tires that are on the OP’s car are an accident waiting to happen.

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OP’s placard

The placard might be a US requirement, and not universal. But somewhere on the car or its documentation, Honda’s recommended tire size and pressures can be found.

A154 says they looked at the plaque and it gives the tire pressures for a different size tire than he has . So sometime in this 21 year old vehicle someone put different wheels and tires on it.

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What lots of people seem to be missing is that we were not told what pressure was specified for the original tires. Without that, the new pressure can not be calculated.

And the tire size he stated isn’t listed in the US/Canada owners manual, so hopefully he comes back and tells us.

Many Civics have had (and many have suffered) mods!

I still enjoy my 1999 Civic, steel wheels, unmodified and 200,000 miles strong.

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