2000 Honda Accord high-pitch during low acceleration

I have a 2000 Honda Accord v6 that lately has had a very high-pitch rattling/whining with low acceleration. It has 120,000 miles. If I’m going about 30 mph, and I barely have the acclerator pressed, I hear it - if I gun it, I don’t hear it anymore (could be covered up by the engine noise I guess).

It seems to get better as the car warms up. Any ideas?

Is this new, or has it always happened? Some Hondas have an issue with the injector resistor making a weird high pitched noise at a certain throttle position.

Never noticed it before about a month ago. I notice it when in gear and out of gear with a certain throttle position. Should I get it checked out?

have a similar situation - also can be heard easily around 80 mph applying least acceleration. mechanic said it was ‘normal’ high milage final gear noise, i have almost 100k on the car