2000 Honda Accord - Fuel Leak


I took my car in Friday for a basic oil change. Through their diagnostics they said I need a new timing belt and battery was low. Funny, because I got my timing belt replaced Dec 2004 and new battery August 2005. So ignore those recommendations, and after 4 miles of driving from the honda dealership my check engine light turns on. I take it in, and they say it’s a fuel leak. They are still diagnosing the problem. Couldn’t they diagnose the fuel leak when I took my car in for a oil change, or when they diagnosed the battery and timing belt. Are they taking advantage of me? Please help. jdgreger@yahoo.com


Timing belt diagnosis was a recommendation based on your mileage or by time. Visual inspection of it tells you nothing and is quite difficult.

Not sure why your battery was checked.

However a fuel leak can occur at any moment and if mechanic is not looking for it they would not realize.

No one is taking any advantage of you. Problems like this can occur on any vehicle especially ones that are hitting 7 years+ old.


I will add a fuel leak is a significant hazard. A shop will not let a car go as they will

  1. Let a vehicle out of shop in hazardous condition
  2. Miss an opportunity for more but very needed work
  3. Aggravate a customer with the return.

Let your fears rest.


Can diagnostics really detect a fuel leak? I never knew that!

Frankly, I would be wary of doing further business with that shop. For now, however, go to a place like AutoZone or Advance Auto for a free diagnostic read. Get the trouble code(s) and report back here.


Andrew raises some excellent points, and I think that you should not be suspicious regarding the fuel leak. As to the timing belt, you can check the need for that part simply by accessing your maintenance records, checking your current odometer reading, and comparing the maintenance schedule to your calculation of the mile and the elapsed time since the last timing belt change.


When I said, “comparing the maintenance schedule to your calculation of the mile and the elapsed time since the last timing belt change”, I meant to say mileage, rather than mile.

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Hey guys, thanks for all your help. Their futhur diagnosis revealed a faulty gas cap. Free labor but $14 for the gas cap.


Make sure you ALWAYS twist the filler cap shut until you hear three clicks. Without getting three clicks you run the risk of getting the dreaded “check engine” light and you will get a diagnostic code for an evaporative fuel leak.