2000 gmc sonoma brake problem?



My 2000 GMC Sonoma emits a smell of burning rubber after i have been driving somewhere. It does not come from the engine but seems to come from the back right wheel in particular. It also pulls slightly to the right while driving.


Sounds like a frozen brake. If you have been using the parking brake only intermittently, it might have stuck the last last t5ime you did so.


Had any brake work down recently? After I had the rear disc brake pads replaced on my 2000 Blazer at 80k, both calipers froze up and had to be replaced. There was a burning smell and the mpg dropped from ~18 to 12 mpg.

On another pickup I had with rear drums, the parking brake cable froze up on a slushy day and the parking brake did not disengage. Once the cable thawed out, the brakes were fine and no damage was done. On slushy days, I make a point of not using the parking brake to avoid this.

Ed B.


thank you for your help i will look into those possibilities