Burning rubber smell

i have a 04 f-150 ford truck . about 2 month ago the rear roters & pads were replaced . since then i have only driven it for not much more than 20 miles a day . today i drove it about 100 miles . when i got home something smelled like burning rubber . i then noticed that the rear passenger rim was very hot to the touch and that was where the smell was coming from . any ideas ?

It sounds like you either left the handbrake (parking brake ) on or your rear calipers seized up. You obviously need to take it back to the shop and have the problem diagnosed.

Sometimes you have a problem that fits no standard explanation. Like a few years back I got a plastic garbage bag stuck on my hot catalytic converter. The only solution was to just burn it off with the accompanying horrible smell.

I had the same problem with my 2000 Blazer after the rear pad were replaced. Both calipers seized up and had to be replaced. I also noticed the truck was sluggish and of course the mpg went down. Hopefully it’s just the parking brake in your case.

Ed B.