2000 gmc sonoma abs code reader


My 2000 GMC Sonoma (3 door, automatic, v6, 2WD) is lighting up the ABS and Brake lamps.

From what I’ve gleaned on the web :
–clean front abs sensors
–reseat and clean front ABS connectors
–clean ground wire to ABS
–clean the toothed reluctor “gears”
–reflow solder on kelsey-hayes 325 module

I’ve done the first four. Before I reflow the ABS solder, I’d like to read any related codes.

I tried the free autozone scan offer, but it shows all green, including ABS. I guess I need a specialized ABS scanner.

Also the two lamps go out / reset if I turn off the ignition and restart the truck. They seem to come on at night, if I drive for more than an hour, but they have also come on “right away”, before I start driving.

What do you thing about ABS readers? A company named “fixd” claims to sell a bluetooth dongle / smartphone app that will read ABS.

I used a bluetooth obd2 scanner I have plus an android app to read the ABS code – C0265 which confirms the ABS module needs a solder reflow job.

Unfortunately, the moment I ran the software the passenger side airbag lamp went on, and the SRS has a code “B1001 module configuration error” between the BCM and SDM. So hopefully this is a transient and the scanning app did not actually change the module configuration.