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2000 Ford Taurus - suddenly 'jerking' on leaving stoplights

It seems like a sudden transmission, happens JUST a MOMENT after I start to go forward from stopped, like at a light. It might be worse if I did a jackrabbit start, but I don’t. I know very little about cars, and am wondering if anyone thinks it sounds expensive? I just spent $2500 on the A/C & cruise. :frowning:

It’s a pretty hefty “jerk” and I would think the car is already in first (automatic) but it feels like a crappy shift on a manual trans. Any help or advice will be soooooooooo appreciated! Thanx

I should have proofread that, duh! First sentence should say: …sudden jerk of the transmission, slightly propels the car forward.

Well what is wrong with your car is a sticking throttle valve or 2nd to 1st kickdown valve is sticking . the reason for this is contaminated transmission fluid. the fix is going to bee… A transmission fluid full flush with additive and 500 miles worth of driving in the city will cure your problem.

Gearheadz, U R A DARLING! Thanx 4 ur help!