2000 Ford Taurus Starting Problems



2000 Ford Taurus w/100,000 miles. Car starts, sounds like it is running on 2 cylinders, and dies. Then it won’t start again until it sits for 15-60 minutes. It cranks like crazy, but will not catch. Both times this happened after car was low enough on gas for low fuel light to turn on. Both times I filled tank. First time, drove 6 blocks, shut off, and then problem occurred. Second time, wouldn’t start at gas station. This did happen twice before, about a year ago. Both times it was very hot (in 90’s) and I had driven it for 45-60 minutes. Thought starting problem had to do with heat. Problem didn’t re-occur until recently. In other car talk forum, 2 people had exact same problem. Both replaced fuel pumps, but did not fix problem. So, don’t think it is the fuel pump. Any ideas? This does not occur when my mechanic looks at car, of course, so hard for him to diagnose problem.


If you haven’t replaced the fuel filter you could start with that. The problem could also be in the ignition system.


I think my friend & mechanic may have solved problem. Jumpered out the EMERGENCY FUEL SHUT OFF INERTIA SWITCH located in trunk, and fuel pump started (so did car). He is replacing tomorrow.
When in the no start condition, did not have continuity thru fuel pump relay with key turned on, even though could hear relay clicking on. Defective switch would explain that. Seems when it sits for 15-60 minutes, and then starts, switch may have time to cool off.