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2000 Ford Taurus left outside mirror

2000 Ford Taurus left outside mirror with electrical adjustment has come loose. How does one get it tight?
How much should this cost for parts? How difficult is the work? What tools does one need? What would be a reliable $$ wag be to have a dealer/independent shop do the work?
Thanks for your response.

If its loose then most likely its broke

must be replaced

used about $50 to $125 / new about $200 plus paint

not hard if you know know how to turn wrenches

1/4" drive sockets / forked trim panel retainer tool / screwdrivers

expect up to $300 if you have someone do it. go to an auto body shop for this, either an indie or dealer. dont go to an indie service shop, they can be so unreliable and they cannot paint it.