2000 Ford Focus runs rough

they people I got the car from just replaced the headgasket about 2 days ago engine seems to run good but the engine runs rough but drives good. is this a good thing? car is a 2000 focus se 2 .o liter

That is never a good thing. Is the Check Engine light on?

no, but engine shakes a lot,got issues with trunk not opening,cant get back seat down to get to trunk

You need your mounts replaced. They’re faulty since manufacture, but they never did a recall. They expand in the summer and crack in the winter. The longer you go with the vibrations without replacing them, you’ll eventually do damage elsewhere.

can I get ford to replace or is this a out of pocket expense?

Ford is not going to replace ( motor mounts ) on a 18 year old vehicle . You need to have codes read and I seriously doubt if your vibration is the mounts . If you going to have a mechanic repair this vehicle just describe the symptoms as best you can then get out of the way.


Out of pocket unfortunately

thank you!!! appreciate the feed back