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2000 Ford Expedition slow to shift to 3rd

My car was having occasional issues: it would sometimes surge forward at a stop light; it would sometimes sputter and die at a stop light; it would sometimes have a hard time starting.

Finally, one day, the engine sputtered and died at a stop light. It would not start again. I got towed home.

A mobile mechanic then checked it out. He scanned the computer and a bad fuel pump code popped up. He replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and EVAP fuel tank pressure sensor.

The car now starts and revs fine when it’s parked. It shifts from 1st to 2nd fine. However, from 2nd to 3rd, it hesitates and then loses power when I give it more gas. It then slowly creeps up to speed and finally shifts into 3rd after being in 2nd gear for way too long.

What can possibly be wrong with it? Please help! Thank you!

2000 Ford Expedition XLT
4.6L V8
2-Wheel Drive

Sounds like you still have fuel delivery issue. It’s falling on its face under load. Did mechanic verify pump pressure under these conditions?

He did not. How do you check the pressure while driving? Thanks.

You install a guage and tape it to the windshield or any other place you can see it while driving.

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He may have put in a defective fuel pump. Or installed the wrong part, or installed it incorrectly.