2003 Ford Expedition (5.4L) Shuts off

I have an Expedition that will Shutdown and random times. There is now chugging or hesitation before it happens, and no codes are given. I took it to the Ford Dealership and they have put a pressure tester to see if it is the pump. After driving it and letting it run for over an hour and a half, they could not duplicate the problem. So they suggested that I take my vehicle back and drive it until the problem gets worse! It always happens when the vehicle is at idle or close to it, like turning a corner. Please help

my truck has the same problem, did you discover the fix?

Without any error codes it is a guessing game. Neither of you has said what happens after it shuts down. Does it start right back up without any trouble?

My own WAG would be an intermittent power issue or sticking problem with the idle air control valve - if its an at idle/foot off the gas thing. Luckily you can at least clean the valve and its connections for all of a few bucks & a little bit of time. And when you’re done, even if it doesn’t help you can just count it as a basic maintenance move that couldn’t have hurt.

It sounds like there may be a fuel delivery problem. As a guess you might try replacing the fuel pump relay to see if that helps.

I had an intermittent hesitation problem on my 05 Mustang GT. The issue would show up after long drive at highway speeds (1-2 hrs) and then taking the exit and coming to a stop light. Ford was clueless on that issue, or did not want to repair it under warranty.

I ended up replacing the fuel pump. Early 05s had an issue with the fuel pump.
I found my problem on Edmunds by typing in Ford Mustang Hesitation. You might give that a try.

Some 1997 - 2005 5.4L 2V Ford Vehicles (Including1998 - 2004 Ford Expedition 5.4L 2V Vehicles) May Exhibit An Intermittent Rough Idle Caused By A “Non-Commanded” EGR Flow.

Did the dealer mention Ford Technical Service Bulletin TSB 05-4-17 (written for Ford Technicians) ? I don’t know if this is the cause of your problem, but have a look.

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