Expedition mystery

2001 Ford Expedition XLT w/ 160,000 miles. Fuel pump died about a year ago. Mechanic used an aftermarket part to replace it (with full assembly, i.e. fuel gauge, leveler, etc.) along with the fuel filter. Afterwards, the fuel gauge doesn’t work. It stays around half to full and isn’t correct. Mechanic says the pump may have had a faulty leveler so he replaced it again with an aftermarket part from O’Reilly’s.Same result. In addition, the vehicle lurches at times (when I do a quick stop and start from a stop sign or hit a few bumps in the road, potholes, etc. Not sure is these are related. Help! Don’t want to shell out more money. Should I have used a Ford part from a dealership? Mechanic has checked fuses and that isn’t the issue.

Has anyone hooked up a fuel pressure gauge?

Good compression?

How old are those plugs?

Check engine light on?

Post any fault codes, please

No fuel pressure gauge. Plugs are about a year old. No check engine light. No codes.