2000 Ford Contour 2.4 dohc camshaft sensor replacement

Got the engine light, and had a obdII scanner say that this sensor was throwing the code. So i thought I’d replace this sensor to see if the light came back… but I can’t seem to find the fiddly little bugger.

It should be in the vicinity of the spark plugs right? Of course the most updated repair manuals my library has are 1992.

i meant to type 2.5 dohc -_-

wish there was edit button (or a bigger one if it exists and I cant see it XD)

You are talking 2.5 l V6 right ? ( the 4 was a 2.0 , a mistake halfway betweenish leaves us wondering )

Timing cover, upper front, right bank, just under the valve cover lip.
Crank sensor also on timing cover right side lower.

yep 2.5 v6

sorry about the typo

edit Yep exactly where you said it was. Thanks so much!

And the engine light didnt come back on so far after 30 miles of driving.