2000 Eclipse

The car ran out of gas. I refilled the tank and have attempted to start the car. The car is capable of turning over and running for a few seconds but inevitably stalls. It has about 90000 miles on it.

Air may have been pumped into fuel lines when it ran out of gas. After a few more starts, the air should be pushed out. If not, the fuel lines and fuel manifold on the engine may need to be bled.

Just how certain are you the car was even out of gas?

I agree that air is a possibility. The fuel pump is not designed to pump air and needs to be “primed” with fluid to pump. Usually the pressure of the gas pushing up the fuel pickup tube as it tries to seek its own level is enough to prime the pump as the injectors open and allow the air to purge out.

However, it’s also possible that the pump is fried. In addition to providing gopower, gas also cools the pump. The pump can fry when you run dry.