2000 Dodge Stratus - with no heat



I took my car into the shop because the air and heat would only work on high speed. They changed the fan motor and while it was there they flushed the coolant - when I left the heater worked very good, it was hot but I could smell burning. (they told me it was because they probably spilt fluid and it was burning off. The next morning I turned on the heat and it will not heat at all. It blows air but there is no heat. I have had it back 4 times and they can not figure it out. They shortened the cable, checked the thermostat and cannot figure what it is. They said there is heat under the hood but it is not getting into the car. Any suggestions?


Maybe there is air in the system and needs to be purged. Your original problem sounds like the fan relay being bad, so I am not sure why they changed the fan.


Sorry, I think they did change the Blower Motor resister relay. I don’t have my papers and am not sure what they called it. Thanks I will call the station back and see if they can check and see if this is the problem. Thank you so much I was beginning to think I was going to have to go through the winter with no heat.


The lower blower speeds are usually controlled by using resistors in series with the blower motor. This lowers the voltage getting to the motor and so that changes the motor speed. No doubt the shop changed the resistor pack to get that working as it should.

The heat problem you have now may be due to a problem with the air blend doors. They are usually controlled by vacuum control so there may be a vacuum line problem.


I had the Blower Motor Resistor changed and they flushed cooling system. Then there was no heat but the blower and all the levels worked. I took it back several times trying to get heat. Finally they flushed the box (12x12 box) they said close to the inside of the car. Then the heat worked but it felt like it did not work at full heat. Now the blower Motor Resistor seems like it went bad again. It only blows on the highest level.


Usually when it only works on high, it is the resistor pack. They are not expensive so it is usually a good idea to replace them first. However on occasion the fan motor is going bad and that will blow out the resistors so the new pack dies quick. It sounds like what happened to you.

The lack of heat is most likely the result of air in the coolant and that should be taken care of by the shop. It is also possible that it is the blend doors and that could be related to the work they did and not getting a vacuum hose or control wire back where it belonged or maybe an old vacuum hose cracked.

You would normally be responsible for paying for the fan replacement, but not the coolant issue.


now my resistor pack has burned out again, it only works on high. The station is telling me my fan is not bad because I would not have air blowing. So what else would cause the resistor to go bad. This is the second one I have had replaced. I have suggested the blend doors, hoses and they still cannot seem to find it. Any more suggestions? Thanks


you missed what JEM said: when the fan is going, but still works somewhat it CAN prematurely burn out the blower motor resistor.

if these guys got under the dash and disassembled something it is entirely possible they either mis connected or just missed connected a vacuum hose which could explain the heat “disappearing”.


That is what I tried to tell them. They told me if the fan was burned out or burning out it would make a terrible noise.
How expensive is the fan to replace?