2000 Dodge Caravan-Rusting strut housing

I have a problem with the driver side strut housing rusting . This is a known problem and Chrysler is not willing to help. My vehicle is well out of warranty. HAs anyone had this problem and how was the fix? I was told it could cost $700-$1400.


Its not unusual for a 7 year old vehicle to start rusting. You could scrape, wash, and paint it yourself. After all, it is just a strut housing, not a pretty outer panel. Or you could have a body shop do it, for a lot less than $700.

Its not unusual for a 7 year old vehicle to start rusting.

I have to totally disagree with this. Yes you will get rust…especially here in the North East…But something like a strut housing should only get surface rust…It should be thick enough to take 20-30 YEARS to cause a problem…NOT 7.

Strut housing or strut tower is rusting?
Surface rust or rusted through?
Link to any info about this being a chronic problem?

It’s a rusting strut tower and it’s only on one side. The other side is perfectly normal. This is not surface rust but serious perforation. There is TSB #2304402 and NHTSA #10000317 (10/14/02). You can also Google RUSTING STRUT TOWER DODGE CARAVAN and see dozens of complaints. My complaint is Chrysler has known about this for years but has not offered to help fix it and I feel that’s not right.

It IS a known problem with these vans. Try allpar.com to see what people have done to fix it. I am in CA so I hope I will be safe.

Unfortunately, there has not been a car built that has not suffered design flaws.
As to why some Chryslers are affected and others are not in regards to this matter, I have no idea.

After some reading, it does not sound like the fix is that complicated.
They reference a repair kit at about 30 bucks a side and it involves drilling out some spot welds, and installing the kit.
It is mentioned that it runs about 300 dollars for the whole thing; both sides.

These vehicles fall into the POS catagory. If you think the front suspension is cheezy, take a look at the REAR suspension…My boat trailer has a better set-up…Now, moving on to the transmission…

Sounds like this is a known problem, and leads me to believe that Chrysler let a known design or manufacturing flaw slip through. The fact that the cure is to remove the affected metal and replace by cutting spot welds means major surgery on a structural member of this van. I, myself, would be leery of keeping it.

I second the motion: ask at the minivan forum at allpar.com.

I too would be leery of keeping the vehicle. Once that type of cancer starts it cannot be stopped, and this is a safety issue.

Years ago Volvos had the same problem. I saw one where the top of the tower, still bolted to the strut via the mount, had almost completely liberated itself from the surrounding sheetmetal. Spooky.

Same on my 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan
Strut tower is rusting THROUGH! Only on the Driver’s Side!
I was told the same thing about 700 to fix.
I have never had this problem with any other car I own or have owned with over 100K. I live in St. Louis area, it is not like we are severe rust belt. If both were rusting this would make more sense. I don’t see another Dodge in my future.

It’s a disposable consumer product. These vans have been the laughing stock of the industry since day one. The dashboards fall into drivers laps, the tranny’s fail at 30-40K miles, the rear suspension was lifted from a light-duty boat trailer…It’s time for you to find out why Honda and Toyota dominate the automotive industry…

Hello, I called Chrysler today about the same trouble with our 1998 van. They could care less. I then called the highway safety comm and filed a complaint. Was told I was not the first but to try to get as many others to call in as possible. They might be able to get something done with enough complaints. The number to call is 800 424-9393 Please make a complaint!

I repair Rusted Strut Towers-I have done over 60-$300 a side. Professional job-24 turn a round

Where are you located?

Fixed this for $320.00. Both sides. More details follow:

I just bought a 98 Dodge Grand Caravan for 1800. I almost walked from the deal as both strut towers were rusting. Dealership quoted a fix for about 450 per side and involved bodyshop work. Went to local auto parts store. They just started getting a kit from Dorman that caps the strut towers. $25.00 a cap. Purchased these and had my mechanic install. Billed for 3.5 hours = $262.50. Total to fix: $320.

Found the same parts online, but they should be at all the major stores now.

I am sorry that you omitted the adhesive specified in the Chrysler bulletin. The repair would be several times stronger with it, and waterproof as well. Also the adhesive is stronger than welding the cap, which some do but is not recommended.