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2000 dodge caravan gas leak

my 2000 Dodge Caravan is leaking gas underneath, with gas fumes inside the van. Also having trouble starting it from time to time. I replaced the gas tank, worked for a week, but now leaking again. any suggestions?

Where was it leaking from before?

There’s a rubber ring that fits between the fuel sending unit and the tank to prevent leakage; was this replaced when the new tank was installed?

it leaks underneath the van right where the gas tank is located. Not sure about the rubber ring replacement, we thought the tank was leaking, got another one and put it on and after one week, it leaks again in the same spot. Sometimes it has trouble starting, and when i put any gas over 1/4 of a tank, you can see it dripping underneath the van. I’m very short on money and not sure what to do next. has a forum that is a good place to ask questions specific to Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler minivans.