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2000 Corolla - Loud engine noise when accelerating after major work

Last week I took my 2000 corolla (95k miles) in for major repairs.

The following parts were replaced:

  • Gas tank, seal, hose
  • Left front wheel bearing
  • Valve cover
  • Spark plugs
  • both front struts
  • sway bar links and bushings

Now when I accelerate (1500-2800rpm), the engine is really loud. It’s like the exhaust is muffled (sounds like a jet engine). It only happens when accelerating 1500-2800rpm. It sounds like it’s coming from the rear (haven’t pin pointed it yet).

I was thinking that it’s the gas tank “covering” the exhaust pipe/system. Any suggestions on what it could be?

Return to shop , they should be able to solve this.

They probably disconnected the resonator pipe all the way to the tail pipe.(cat back)when they replaced your gas tank. Temporarily plug the exhaust tip with a rag and look under the car for any sign of exhaust leak…it will be obvious. You need to fix an exhaust leak ASAP.

Can you confirm the procedure to test this:

  1. Start Car
  2. Plug the exhaust fully with a rag
  3. See if any smoke comes out underneath from the “middle of the car”???

Also, won’t plugging the exhaust immediately kill the engine??

You understood correctly and no, it won’t kill the engine if you plug the tailpipe for a minute. A hissing sound and smoke escaping from the pipe is what you are looking for. Since the noise is coming from the back,check the muffler for holes and the connection between the muffler and resonator pipe(gasket). Do you smell anything inside the cabin? My 99 Corolla is exacly like yours.
The red arrows are the most common leak points on the CorollaCapturecorolla leak points

Gas tank covering up the exhaust would be a spectacularly bad idea.