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2000 Chevy Venture van trans problems

2000 Chevy venture van (automatic) with 190,000 miles on engine. “Clunking” noise when accelerating/decelerating as engine/tranny passes up or down through the gears. Also, a “whining” noise can be heard when stepping on the gas pedal, either in gear or in neutral. Rarely happens in cold weather until van has been running for quite a while. Happens regularly in warm weather. If I shut the engine off and wait 10-15 seconds before restart, it usually goes away, but will return indiscriminantly. Tranny was completely rebuilt last year but it still occurs.

Neither the tranny shop nor the Chevy dealer can figure it out.

This is a duplicate post under a new subject header (why would you do that?) - here is the existing thread:

It was suggested by another in hopes of attracting more tranny wizards.

I suggested posting it again with a more descriptive title, rather than the original title, “Let’s see who gets this one”. Transman’s expertise is needed here, and I suggested that he is more likely to chime in if he sees a post with a more specific title.

Speaking personally, I tend to avoid threads with very vague titles (the worst are the “Please Help” titles, I think), and I may not be the only one who looks for threads with a descriptive title.

There are plenty of Pollyanna’s on this board. I point out the Dark Side if that is appropriate… Were it not for $20 billion in tax dollar bail-outs, GM would be auctioning off the bones of the company by now, your van joining the Edsels, Hudsons and Humpmobiles, back over with the Corvairs…

My bad - I read the description, but never kept up with the responses.

It is good to know the dark side is out there to balance out the Pollyannas. What would this world be like if there was too much hope?
Even those on the Dark Side must admit that we are such a throw-away society. We should all try harder to get the maximum out of our cars, heating systems, refrigerators, etc. Just like people, just because something is old doesn’t mean we should throw it out, right?
As far as GM and the others go, we have been telling them for years to build us better, more efficient vehicles. It’s coming back to bite them in the butt, and now they want us to bail them out. I have a real problem with that.
…and actually, I miss my Corvair.