2000 chevy suburban

I topped off the gas tank. The auto-shutoff of the gas station did not shut off, which caused the gasoline to overflow. I estimate about half gallon of gas was spilled. Since that incident, inside the suburban remained with a gas smell for two months now. My question is could I have ruptured a seal/line some where but there should be no fuel lines inside the cabin?? Has anyone encountered this problem?

The incident mmay have caused gasoline to go into the charcoal canister. The gasoline may be evaporating through the canister fresh air intake, into the engine compartment, and drawn into the cowl fresh air intake (at the base of the windshield), and into the cabin.

You likely need to do a repair to the fuel vapor recovery system. In fact a problem with that system may have caused the overflow. Note: after you get it repaired (it may be more expensive than you think) make sure you don’t top off the tank when you fill it up. That habit is the cause of most failures.

…but when the gas price falls 10 cents/gallon, topping off a Suburban is tempting.
How does the auto-shuoff at the gas station work? I thought it was the submersion of the fueling nozzle (which does not depend on the car system to work). How does the gas tank vent? Could I have filled that air space and is siphoning?

What’s the charcoal canister for? How can gas go into this componen?