2000 Chevy Suburban PRNDLL Display Malfunction

The PRNDLL display malfunction (not sure of the proper name) goes out on my 2000 Chevy Suburban. A rap on the dash or wiggling the trip stalk sometimes makes it come back on, sometimes not. This has been getting worse over the last six month, in the past it only seemed to happen in the winter.

Loose connection?

Grounding issue?


Thank you!


Surely it’s a loose contact situation. The dash assembly needs to be pulled to see where. It could be anything from a broken contact to a loose fitment. Either way, the remedy is going to involve removal and inspection of the sub-assembly (if it is a sub assembly).

There may be a TSB on it.

Read Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin 99-08-42-009. This bulletin may shed some light on your concern. Checking service bulletins is a very important step in repairing your car using the most efficient method.

I can’t find TSB 99-08042-009, do you have a link?

How about you pull up the TSB dealing with PRNDL issues for 2000 Suburbans. Take a look at all TSB’s for instrument clusters for 2000 Suburbans.