2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS - dim car horn - fog horn combo noise. Totally embarassing

Ohhhh my poor 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS is turning into a hooptie. Or at least it sounds like one.

I am due for a front brake pad change in about a month, so I’m wondering if this new noise has anything to do with it. If not, I certainly hope it’s affordable!

I live in LA, but my car resided in Canada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio for 10 of its 14 years of its life.

And now to the strange noise being emitted from the front of the car. This morning, about 50 degrees, I started my engine to drop my boyfriend off at work. While idling in the parking spot, I heard a dim car horn - fog horn combo noise. A neighbor gave me a “wtf” face, and I’m sure I returned her stare with the same expression. Hoping it was something else, I drove off.

First stop light, just down the block, while idling and waiting for the light to turn green, I hear the same noise. Very embarrassing. Next light I stop at, same noise. Once the car got to half of its optimum temperature, the noise stopped and didn’t return.

That is, until several hours later when I needed to go to work and restarted the car from a cool nap. Same noise.

So, any ideas on what the deal is? I thought it might be fan related, as it kind of sounds like there is some rattling going on in there, too. But I’m no car expert, and I was hoping to save a little more money before taking my car in for the brake repair.

Thanks all!

Well? The cheapest thing to do is you and your boyfriend open the hood, start the engine, and listen if you can determine where noise is coming from.


“And now to the strange noise being emitted from the front of the car” Engine. Mid passenger side.