2000 Chevy malibu problems

After driving the caar for about 20 mins when acelarating the car tends to sputter speratically and from time to time will stall. Can anybody help me figure out whats causing this?

How many miles?
What kind of tranny?
Is the Check Engine Light on?

How many miles on the Malibu? Have you had the fuel pump pressure checked? If the fuel pump has not been changed since new, it might be time for that.

Have you checked the fuel pressure regulator?

How about a simple fuel filter?

There is about 150xxx miles on it. Not sure what kind of tranny ill check and add in the morning. And check engine light is not on.

To add a little more info i thought it was a fuel problem but i took it to a mechanic and he said it was the ignition that need to be replaced. I thought he was full of it and thats why im asking here

Does it make a difference if the gas tank is full vs. empty?

yes it does and it also makes a difference when i use regular vs. Permium

If it runs better full, your fuel pump may be weak, check the pressure. If the fuel filter has been in there a long time, change it. Maybe it’s restricting the flow.