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2000 malibu stalls and dies but then will start

I was on interstate driving for about 35 miles going around 70 MPH when I lost acceralition and then it died I couldn’t get it to start back, had it towed to the shop but it worked for them and they could not replicate the failure. Then a couple days later it did it again, I then waited around 15 minutes and it started again

Does anyone have an ideal what is causing this?

How many miles are on this Malibu? Intermittant problems like this are hard to troubleshoot because they occur after the engine has been running hard for a while. The mechanic doesn’t see the engine in a failed mode so troubleshooting is reduced to changing parts to see if the problem goes away. If you feel comfortable troubleshooting the engine, check to see if there is spark and if a shot of fuel will get the engine to catch for a second.

I would be leaning toward a fuel pump problem with the age of the car but it could easily also be an igniter, crank position sensor, or cam position sensor problem.

Good luck on this.